Remote Monitoring

     MRITS recently introduced the Remote Environment Magnet Monitor (REMM).

     The REMM is web-based and allows remote monitoring of equipment room and magnet conditions. Each item is monitored 24/7 and any state that exceeds the programmable min/max levels alerts the FSE to the condition via text, email, or page.

Key environment indicators include:

  • Computer room temperature
  • HVAC supply and return temperatures
  • Chiller water supply and return temperatures
  • Cryo pump power status
  • Magnet at-field status

Because of the success of the REMM project, MRI Technical Services has included support for GE systems using the MagMon unit.

     The REMM interfaces to the GE MagMon and in addition to the above states, it also monitors and reports errors on:

  • Magnet pressure
  • Magnet helium vessel heater
  • Cryogen level
  • Water flow (GPM)

     Seconds count when your magnet's coldhead compressor shuts off. Serious damage can occur when your MRI equipment room overheats and shuts off your gradients or RF amplifier during a patient scan. MRI Technical Services offers a remote monitoring system that alerts everyone in our organization the instant a failure occurs with your HVAC, chiller or magnet cryogens.  Our REMM Datacenter warns us when temperatures in your system are approaching critical levels. This enables MRITS technical support specialists to contact customers within minutes of the alarm trigger and allows your staff to start preventative power down procedures on the system to safeguard your scanner until normal levels return. 

     One instance of a power failure alert from MRITS can save your company hundreds or thousands of dollars in liquid helium boil-off or lost revenue from patients who could not be scanned due to catastrophic failure of a system component.  

     Call us for a remote monitoring consultation that is customized for your facilty.