When you need an MRI part, you have three choices:    

1.  Buy from the OEM where you will pay list price minus your discount (if any).  OEM's often sell refurbished or used parts just like any other vendor.  Even through the manufacturer, you may find they are not always in stock.

2.  Buy from a broker usually at a reasonable discount from OEM list, but because it will be purchased and shipped from elsewhere it may take an extra day or two to locate and get to you. You will pay a small (or large) premium for having them find it and set up the shipping and billing. Because most want to hide their sources, brokers often have parts shipped to them first to repackage- adding more time and cost. And the process isn't limited to just one step.  Brokers can buy from brokers who will buy from brokers. We have sold parts that have changed hands four times (that we know of) before finally reaching the customer. 

3.  Buy from a stocking dealer like us. We get our parts from various sources.

  • We buy, test, deinstall and part-out used systems

  • When possible, we purchase and configure new, repaired or rebuilt parts from the item's manufacturer (not the OEM assembler)

  • We repair and test exchanged parts in-house or by the manufacturer, whichever is most practical

No matter the method the important part is this...what we sell is in our warehouse and under our control with a known history. We back up your sale with knowledgable support (before and after), a warranty that makes sense (90 days on most items), professional packing and flexible payment options. When you contact us, you get a quick check of availability. If we have the part, we will get you a price. If we do not have the part, we will freely recommend another source if we know of one; either way, we will not become a commissioned middleman in the process.

Note:  This website is new.  It is the first step in a plan for faster and more effective interactive service with our customers. In the weeks and months to come we will incorporate a Parts Availability List with online ordering options, process tracking and customer feedback ratings. Please check back soon to see how we're doing.