New MRI Can Spot Heart Disease and Specific Cancers

MRI Can Spot Heart Disease / Cancers

A new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning method that could speed up the time required for the scan and also spot heart disease, multiple sclerosis and specific cancers has been developed by Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals (UH) Case Medical Center researchers.

Using the new method, doctors will be able to complete the scan within minutes, compared to nearly an hour that the current method requires.

The researchers were able to white matter from gray matter from cerebrospinal fluid in the brain in about 12 seconds and said that they will be able to further speed up the process in the future. The method could turn MRI scans a standard procedure in annual check-ups and also reduce the costs required to conduct such a scan.

"The overall goal is to specifically identify individual tissues and diseases, to hopefully see things and quantify things before they become a problem. But to try to get there, we've had to give up everything we knew about the MRI and start over", Case Western Reserve School of Medicine's Mark Griswold said.

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