High-Field Veterinary MRI

     Although the technology is the same in practical application, veterinary MRI differs quite a lot from its human counterpart. The patients are inherently smaller requiring higher resolution and thinner slice images. They are much less communicative and usually come in with less clinical history meaning more exploratory imaging and requiring larger fields-of-view. Scan setup and prep is more difficult and time consuming so getting everything right on the first attempt is more important. Many animals go straight from the scanner to surgery, so efficiency in the imaging process is critical to minimize time under anesthesia.  

     We understand these issues as well as we understand MRI technology. If you are interested in finding out how a late model, high-field MRI can fit with your specialized practice, please call.

  • High-field, large FOV scanners with multiple phased-array coil options
  • Specialized applications training with real-time/ online oversight and assistance  
  • 24/7 automated environment and scanner monitoring
  • Fixed-site or mobile
  • 20 years of veterinary experience; repeat-customer neurologists available for reference