Coil Repair

MRI Technical Services specializes in the repair of Philips, Picker, and Outlook MRI coils.

Our coil repair facility is equipped to quickly diagnose, repair and return your coil within days of receipt by using computer controlled test equipment. Designed by our engineering team, it assures that your coil will be returned properly repaired to operate at peak performance. Many times, a successful repair is more than just fixing an obvious problem. Our extensive background in MRI service, tech support and system design makes us uniquely qualified to evaluate your image quality issues. This expertise provides us with an ability to diagnose some of the most complex failures in your coil (or elsewhere) that others are unable to isolate.

Our goal is to provide a total repair service.

  • Problem consultation and evaluation prior to sending your coil in for repair
  • Loaner coils provided when available and requested
  • Timely diagnosis and repair with a pre-approval policy if the repair will exceed the quote
  • Complete repair and refurb capabilities; electronic, mechanical and cosmetic
  • Careful return packing; e-mail notifications of shipment tracking
  • Follow-up consultation post-repair